on site cake battles / cake decorating events

After many requests we are finally saying YES! We will come on site for events!! If your company is looking for a team building activity, employee appreciation event, Holiday get together, etc. then we are the most creative and fun group in town and we will come to you now!

We will come on site for 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours and bring:
8" Cakes (number depends on the package you choose)
12 Icings per cake
1 bucket of fondant per cake
1 tip set per cake
1 bucket of various tools per cake
Assorted candies
Assorted cookie cutters
Various other tools
Assistance in judging if desired

Sample Agenda:
We arrive for set up. Give a tour of "how to decorate" a cake with our tools. Announce a theme or not - up to the event planner. Teams decorate for one hour. We judge if desired - this part is completely customizable and meant to be fun. We clean up and pack up. Let them eat cake!


Tier Four -
126-150 People
17-19 Cakes

Tier Five - 
151-175 People
20-22 Cakes

Tier Six -
176-200 People
23-25 Cakes

Tier One - 
50-75 People
8-10 Cakes

Tier Two -
76-100 People
11-13 Cakes

Tier Three -
101-125 People
14-16 Cakes


On site gingerbread house events

Yes! We will even bring our Gingerbread Houses to your office, home, church, event, party, or whatever holiday activity you are hosting! This will be similar to the On Site Cake Events but will only run the months of October and December. We will provide icing, fondant, candy, specific Holiday candy, Holiday cookie cutters, and tools.

Houses: $50/ each and you must purchase a minimum of 15 houses

Email info@mymakestudio.com to book your on site Gingerbread House event!